1- Who are architectural / construction technicians ?

      Some practices offer services as architectural / building construction technicians.

  -  They are talented  construction proffessionals and often their fees are a bit lower / cheaper though provide

     full services you require.

  -  They specialize in the sciences & technology of architecture and building design &  construction.

  - They work closely with client and other proffessionals  and translate your ideas & dreams into a building project     

     for your need.

  -  Guide you through the complex procedures of planning , permission and building regulations and oversee the

      whole project from start to completion.

2- How much do we charge ?

         Generally there are three ways ( we building designers ) charge :

   a - lumpsum calculated on the expected work required.

   b - a daily rate ( i.e 8hours ) - approx. sh 5000 here in kenya  and us dollars 50 outside east  africa region for

          small projects i.e bungalows i.e a three bedroomed bungalow house takes three days to draft / design,

          thus total design cost is sh ( 5000 x 3 ) = sh 15000 minus approval fees.


 NB -  approval fees are usually 1.5 % of total construction cost of the project i.e ( total building materials cost +

          labour cost )

     c- A percentage rate of the contract sum( i,e total construction cost )                                                                      

         - usually  the building construction industry charges from 6% to 15 % design fees of total construction

          cost of a proposed building block / facility.

        - But we ( build-perspective agencies) charges  4% design fees inclusive of approval fees for large and

           complex projects - click and see NEWS tab for further information.